Our Story

In 1993, sixteen visionary women philanthropists were concerned about a lack of support for women and girls in poverty in Delaware. They researched the status of women and children in poverty and learned that services were limited and underfunded. The group proceeded to gather a core of women Founders and created the Fund for Women at the Delaware Community Foundation. The group's initial goal was 1,000 women contributing $1,000 each to establish a $1 million endowment.  Their goal was reached in 2010 and now the Fund for Women (FFW) has far surpassed their goal with an endowment of over $5 million and over 2,275 "Founders.”

Swingin' With a Star (1993-2012), a local women's golf tournament, made the Fund for Women a beneficiary of their annual fundraiser. Their contributions added over $1 million to the endowment fund.

The first grants, totaling $2,500, were distributed in 1994 to two organizations: Girls, Inc., and the University of Delaware. To date, we have distributed over $3,200,000.

As the FFW grew, the organization actively worked to establish committees in each of the three Delaware counties to ensure that the FFW reaches women statewide in both Founders and grant recipients. Each county maintains a development committee responsible for growing the Founder base in their area.

Welcome to the Fund for Women website!

What if every time we planted a seed a life was improved, a goal was achieved, someone believed, a life was changed, and our communities became stronger?
Your gifts, financial, time, and talent, to the Fund for Women help us plant the seeds that enable brighter tomorrows for Women and Girls in Delaware. We are thankful to our Founders who have collectively helped us to grow our endowment to nearly $5 Million and we were delighted to have contributed $234,000 to our 2021 Grants. I am proud of the Fund for Women Board which continues its mission by honoring our past, fearlessly embracing change and evolving to do even more good things.
If you are not yet a Founder, I hope that you will take a moment to review the wonderful things that we have been doing and join us. If you are already a Founder, please take a moment to check out our committees for something that may be of interest to you. And as always, we thank you for your ongoing support.
Pam Cornforth
Chair, Fund for Women
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About the Fund

Those who have been fortunate in their lives and livelihoods are helping women and girls overcome the many barriers that may stand in their way to success. Through the power of collective giving, our unique network aims to improve the potential of women and girls in Delaware by funding critical projects that meet their needs – from housing to health care, from career training to emergency food programs.

The Fund for Women is an endowment held at the Delaware Community Foundation. The interest from this endowment is given in grants to women's and girls' programs in Delaware each year.

While we are proud of the many ways in which we have supported women and girls in Delaware for more than 25 years, the need remains strong. We can only fund about 15% of the grant requests each year. With your help we can do more!

How can I Help?

Beyond making the financial commitment, you choose your level of involvement (no meetings required!) from making an additional sustaining contribution to attending events, organizing events, or other leadership opportunities. We welcome your help.

Who We Are

We are a volunteer-led, all-inclusive, diverse group with a common goal–to help all Delaware women and girls reach their full potential. We work within each county to attract new philanthropists for our statewide organization because together we are making a difference!

Fund for Women is a Nonprofit

The Fund for Women endowment is held at the Delaware Community Foundation. All donations are confirmed by receipt and are tax deductible under IRA 501(c)3 regulations.

The Fund for Women is an endowment held at the Delaware Community Foundation

Address: Fund for Women: PO Box 15101, Newark, DE 19711