Please Join us in Thanking our Newest Fund for Women Founders

Nicole Ashton

Celia Aufdemberge

Lee Ann Brandau

Ashley Catlett

Josie Cicerale

Rhonda Starks Crowder

Gina M. D'Alfoonso

Lucille D'Alfonso

Ellen P. Gay

Iris Gersten

Laura Grant

Pam Hill

Lisa Marie Jackson

Wendy Kirchner

Elise Lindsey

Maggie Oda Lyon

Ashley Matthews

Leslie Penkoff

Melinda Penn

Susan P. Rodgers

Jan Shallcross

Cheryl Siskin

Cassidi Succarotte

Diane Snyder

Please join us in thanking our Founders who help us achieve our mission.

Please note: Some Founders wish to remain anonymous. If a name is missing, or needs updated, on our Founder list, please contact us right away so we can make the necessary corrections. 

16 First Founders

Terry F. Bovarnick
Carolyn S. Burger
Audrey K. Doberstein
Sandra Dull
Gloria Fine
Retha S. Fisher
Judith H. Hoopes
Bonnilee Jones
Lynne M. Kaufman
Sally J. Knox / d
Barbara J. Krajewski
Dorothy M. Peoples
Elisabeth Stroud Poole / d
M. Lynn Herrick Sharp
Hazle Shorter
Phyllis McMullen Wynn / d

The electronic Founder list found below is updated regularly.

Search by last name.
Key for letters following the / is as follows:
d=deceased, m=memoriam, h=made someone a founder, s=sustainer in 2020.

Sustainers are defined as a Founder who has paid off their pledge and makes an additional operating account donation during the calendar year. The sustainer notation is updated in January from the year prior.


Founders who have lapsed pledges for more than 1 year may have been removed from the current active Founder list. Please contact us to update your pledge status - we'd love to have you back.

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There are currently 105 names in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Raden, Mary Ellen

Raines, Lisa

Ramelli, Candis / s

Ramone, Lisa

Ramone, Michael

Raniere, Marcia V.

Ransdell, Melinda

Ratnayake, Maggie

Rawls, Betsy

Reardon, Allison

Redfearn, Karen S.

Redman, Janet

Redmond, Martha

Reeder, Cecil J. / d

Rees, Martha L.

Regan, Darlene

Reid-Grandfield, Carol H.

Reifsnyder, Jane / s

Reiver, Joanna / s

Renzulli, Judith Nichols

Resnick, Ellen

Revak, Carol

Reybold, Geraldine F.

Reyes, Mariana

Reynolds, Emilee

Reznick, Elyse M.

Rheingold, Janice F. / d

Rhoden, Nicole

Rhodes, Julia

Rhodes, Maureen C. / h

Rice-Moore, Cheryl

Rice, Danielle / d

Rice, Florence Moisson

Richey, Alicia

Rickards, Susan S.

Ridgely, Barbara / s

Ridgeway, Pamela

Riding, M.Q.

Riegel, Barbara C.

Rimmer, Laura Catherine

Ring, Kathleen Murphy

Ritzman, Alice M.

Rivers, Susan E

Riviere, Kisha

Robbins, Elizabeth E.

Roberts, Ellen

Roberts, Lakresha

Roberts, Sandra

Robichaud, Pamela

Robinson, Ann L. / s

Robinson, Battle R.

Rocanelli, Andrea

Roche, Carlene

Rodgers Layton, Abigail

Rodgers, Judith A.

Rodgers, Susan

Rodriguez-Duffy, Margarita

Rodriguez, Patricia

Rogers, Barbara / h s

Rogers, Doris

Rogowski, Patricia S.

Rollins, Caroline M.

Rollins, Michele. M.

Rollins, Monique

Ronald, Mary Ann / s

Ronan, Joan / d

Roper, Mary

Rosaio, Denise

Rose, Kelly

Roselle, Stefanie

Rosen, Ann S.

Rosen, Kathi / m

Rosen, Molly

Rosen, Rebecca

Rosenbaum, Margaret

Rosenberg, Allison

Rosenthal, Fae

Rosenthal, Joan L. / d

Rosenthal, Maxine / h s

Rosin, Nadyne I.

Ross Johnson, Saundra / s

Ross Montgomery, Eda

Ross-Levin, Melanie

Ross, Dorothy

Ross, Lucinda

Ross, Morgan

Rothschild, Carol

Rowe, Grace

Rubini, Jane / s

Ruch, Stacey A.

Rudnitzky, Yvette J. / s

Runey, Jane

Rushdan, Yolanda

Russ, Julie

Rusten, Muriel B. / d

Rutt, Barbara / s

Ryan, Carling

Ryan, Christa

Ryan, Elizabeth H. / d

Ryan, Kaitlin

Ryan, Kimberly

Ryan, Mary Kay

Ryan, Michael

Ryan, Susan K.

Ryan, Susan M. / h