Please Join us in Thanking our Newest Fund for Women Founders

Kia Anderson
Amanda Fales
Meredith Jarrell
Susan Grace Jean
Robert G. Mullen (m)
Sarah Stowens

Please join us in thanking our Founders who help us achieve our mission.

Please note: Some Founders wish to remain anonymous. If a name is missing, or needs updated, on our Founder list, please contact us right away so we can make the necessary corrections. 

The electronic Founder list found below is updated regularly.

Search by last name.
Key for letters following the / is as follows:
d=deceased, m=memoriam, h=made someone a founder, s=sustainer in 2020.

Sustainers are defined as a Founder who has paid off their pledge and makes an additional operating account donation during the calendar year. The sustainer notation is updated in January from the year prior.


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There are 109 names in this directory beginning with the letter G.
Gaiber, Maxine

Gakenheimer, Sally / d

Galardi, Megan

Gale, Nancy

Gallagher, Patricia A.

Galloway, Anah

Gamble, Judith

Gamble, Tonia Monique

Gardner, Ann M.

Gardner, Joan

Garrett, Betty Baird

Gatling, Joyce A.

Gaul, Gigi

Gaumer, Jill

Gausz-Mandelberg, Carol

Gay, Ellen

Gehrke, Amanda J.

Gehrke, Joan C.

Geiger, Kathleen W.

Geise, Caroline L.

Gemmell, Nancy

Geoghegan, Imogene B.

George, Erlene

Ger, Ruth Ann

Gerardo, Barbara

Getman, Sue

Gibbs, Varleisha

Gibson, Irene

Gibson, Jane H. / s

Gilbert, Sandy

Giles, Laura

Gilliam, Randilyn W.

Gilligan, Jeanne

Gilman Smith, Martha S.

Gilman, Muriel E. / d

Gilmour, Sarah

Giordano, Molly

Giroso, Rosemarie

Glackin, Caroline E. / h

Glascoe, Laura Annan

Glasgow-Rinaldi, Courtney

Glassman, Wilma K.

Glaze, Lynn F. / d

Glazier, Michelle / s

Gleason, Christy

Gleason, Donna / s

Gleason, Mary Walsh / m

Glenn, Laura J.

Glore, Maude E. / s

Goddess, Linnea J.

Goeller, Megan

Goggins, Tomeka / s

Goldberg, Barbara / s

Goldenberg, Leslie E.

Golin, Maura E.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Good, Ranie

Gooden, Donna

Gooden, Kirsten

Goodman, Donna

Goodman, Kathy / h

Goodman, Kirsten

Gordon, Carolyn

Gore, Annette

Gore, Genevieve W. / d

Gore, Sarah I.

Gorman, Nancy Y.

Gorski, Michele S.

Goss, Alexandra

Gossett, Margaret Carroll

Gouldner, Helen / d

Grabowski, Jessica

Grackin, Janice A. / s

Graham, Barbara S.

Graham, John

Graham, Megan

Graham, Rhonda

Grant, Gary / h

Grant, Sheila B.

Grayson, Lorri

Greb, Karen Wynn

Greeley, Constance B.

Green-Cauley, Kimberly

Green, Marilyn

Green, Nancy D. / s

Green, Sarah

Greenberg, Nancy P.

Greene, Nancy

Greeney, Beth

Greeney, Wendy

Greenstein, Susan P.

Greenville Giving Group

Grier-Reynolds, Rachel

Griffin-Graham, Katharine

Griffin, Doris

Griffin, Patricia S.

Griffin, Patricia Walther

Griffith Leslie, Jeanne

Grimes, Patti

Gross, Mary Lou

Grossman, Susan

Grubbe, Deborah L. / h

Grubbe, Minne V.

Grunewald, Sarah

Gruwell, Jean D. / d

Gualtieri, Ann K.

Gulyas, Diane H.

Gunther, Maria

Gusky, Aimee

Founders who have lapsed pledges for more than 1 year may have been removed from the current active Founder list. Please contact us to update your pledge status - we'd love to have you back.