Please Join us in Thanking our Newest Fund for Women Founders

Kia Anderson
Amanda Fales
Meredith Jarrell
Susan Grace Jean
Robert G. Mullen (m)
Sarah Stowens

Please join us in thanking our Founders who help us achieve our mission.

Please note: Some Founders wish to remain anonymous. If a name is missing, or needs updated, on our Founder list, please contact us right away so we can make the necessary corrections. 

The electronic Founder list found below is updated regularly.

Search by last name.
Key for letters following the / is as follows:
d=deceased, m=memoriam, h=made someone a founder, s=sustainer in 2020.

Sustainers are defined as a Founder who has paid off their pledge and makes an additional operating account donation during the calendar year. The sustainer notation is updated in January from the year prior.


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There are 85 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.
Lamb, Joyce

Lamontagne, Norma Jean / h

Lamontagne, Rhea / m

Lancaster, Lindsay

Lancaster, Louise Bruce

Lancellotti, Gerlinde

Land, Allison

Landon, Suzanne

Lane, Angela

Lane, Carolyn

Lane, Javette M.

Lang, Alyson

Lanham, Patricia A.

Larch, Sara

Larocca, Marie

Larson, Stephanie DelDuco

Laskas, Elise

Laub, Beatrice L. / d

Laura Day and Associates

Lavelle, Greg

Lavin, Terrianne / h s

Lawrence-Reeder, Sue

Lawton-Fasic, Sherry / s

Layman, Melody Joy

Layng, Marianne

Layton, Deborah S.

Leahy, Kathleen M.

Leary, Lise Monty

Leban, Janet A.

Lee, Valerie W.

Leeuwen, Michelle

LeFevre, Catherine Jane

Legates, Heidi

Legatski, Mary James / d

Legatski, Richard

Lemasney, Renee

Lenehan, Kinsey N.

Lenz, Janet

Lerner, Rhonda

LeRoy, Betsy

Lessner, Lisa

Letonoff, Lacy

Levin Stevenson, Sara

Levin, Ellen / h

Levin, Jessica

Levine, Allison

Levine, Joni

Levine, Maya

Levinson, Carlie / d

Levinson, Karla B.

Levitt, Phyllis / h d

Lewis Conaway, Marybeth

Lewis, Linda

Liang, Shu-Chien

Lickle, Missy / d

Liebesman, Milka

Linden, AnneMarie B.

Linderman, Suzanne R.

Lindsay, Roberta Williams

Lipstein, Nanette A. / d

Lister, Elizabeth W.

Little, Nancy O.

Littleton, Arlene S.

Lloyd, Laura

Lockwood, Dorothy K.

Lodge, Jean

Loizeaux, Katie

Loncki, Margaret Martin

Loncki, Susan B. / h

Long, Sarah D. V.

Lott, Irene Shadoan

Lovett, Dorothy D.

Lowe, Jennie

Lowell, Felice K.

Lubaroff, Sandra

Lubin Evantash, Peggy

Luck, Karen

Luglio, Donna

Lukoff, Rhonda / s

Lunger, Caroline M.

Lussier, Joyce

Lynch, Aline D.

Lynn, Kris

Lyons, Catharine N.

Lytle-Barnaby, Ruth

Founders who have lapsed pledges for more than 1 year may have been removed from the current active Founder list. Please contact us to update your pledge status - we'd love to have you back.