CHILD, Inc. (Statewide Organization) Awarded $15,000 Grant in 2021.

Because of the Fund for Women grant funding our organization has been able to…

expand housing and supportive services for seven female headed households in Delaware. The Fund for Women grant funding provided rent, beds, payment on utility bills, transportation, & groceries to fifteen children and their seven mothers who are survivors/victims of domestic violence. 


I joined Child Inc. services December 24, 2020, just when I thought I had nowhere else to turn and was running for my life… they extended a very helping and resourceful hand towards me… I would recommend Child Inc. to families that's experiencing difficulties cause if they can help me get back on the right track, I'm sure they can and will do the same for anyone.” - Project Participant 

The Fund for Women (FFW) helped a woman who came back to Delaware to reunite with her children after fleeing domestic violence. Specifically, the FFW supplied the family with beds enabling them to sleep comfortably in their new home, which was partially funded through Child, Inc.’s Rapid Rehousing program and the FFW. In addition to the rental assistance provided by Child, Inc., the woman’s family helped her with another month of rent while she continued to work and save money. The entire family reported feeling grateful for the opportunities allowed through leveraging resources. 

Additional Accomplishments of CHILD Inc.:

Since receiving the award from Fund for Women, Child, Inc.'s Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Rapid Rehousing (RRH) program was recognized by the Delaware Continuum of Care for having a 100% client and housing retention rate!  It was also recognized as ranking sixth of thirty-one such RRH programs in the state. This is cause for celebration since the project is only two years old, has only one staff member and is measured in terms of meeting goals such as length of time women move from unhoused to housed, cost per family, frequency of contact between the staff and adult victim and others. 

Secondly, all women supported through the Fund for Women (FFW) have had their rent paid for an additional month beyond rent paid by Child, Inc.'s HUD grant. Leveraging these two funding sources, HUD and FFW, benefited these female headed households. FFW support further enabled Child, Inc. to assist with groceries, beds/ mattresses, transportation, and to pay arrearages on utility bills. 

At the time of this writing, Child, Inc.'s two shelters for abused women and their children are at capacity as is the Rapid Rehousing project. Victims of domestic violence served in their homes (not in shelter) are struggling to pay for the increased cost of groceries, home heating oil, and gasoline for their cars, all of which have surged with the ongoing pandemic. Child, Inc.'s staff continues to work face to face with victims to meet their basic needs and to offer emotional and other support as they push forward to improve their lives. 

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